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Currently working towards a Public Listing Q4 2022

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The NFT Marketplace Ltd is a UK registered company that provides a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens. This includes collectibles, gaming items, and other virtual goods transacted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum Blockchain.

The road map is to create the world’s first publicly listed marketplace for buying, selling, trading and storing NFTs.

Our advanced blockchain payment mechanism will allow purchases to be made via mainstream crypto currency, fiat payments and our own DAO Governance Token. 

We are building the modern day eBay and Paypal for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) using Blockchain protocols with market penetrative though social influence.

An NFT is unique and cannot be replicated, replaced, or split into parts. For example  if you lend someone £10, it doesn't matter if you get the same bill back. You just need £10!

But when it comes to collectible coins, each of which is unique and has its own value, the situation changes dramatically. An NFT is this unique coin, one of a kind. 


Make, Store and Send your own NFT


Buy 1000's of unique NFT's from our Marketplace


Sell your NFT to our community and anyone/anywhere in the world.



- Scoping the business requirements

Jul 16, 2021


Evaluating the feasibility of the requirements

Oct 21, 2021


Coming up with an action plan

Nov 27, 2021


Framing a robust architecture

Jan 08, 2022


Designing the visuals and the user interface

Mar 10, 2022


Bringing the Application to life through designing and coding

May 04, 2022


Integrating third-party apps

Aug 15, 2022


Adding analytical features and additional tools

Oct 07, 2022


Quality assurance and Testing Process

Oct 23, 2022


Launching The NFT MarketPlace Partnernip Brands

Dec 01, 2022
  • United Kingdom
  • 20-22 Wenlock Road London N17GU


Hi all We have just completed a really busy Q1 2022 and have an even busier Q2 lies ahead as we push forward with operational activities. It is now the intention to list on OTC markets in Q3 2022. Exciting times. Market We have now completed the following actions Q4 2021 Completed Court custodian documentation and release Board resolutions appointing the new board and releasing the old board Board resolutions confirming name change, stock holdings and application to OTC markets Application to OTC markets IQ service Acceptance into IQ 2020 and 2021 annual and quarterly disclosures Q1 2022 Completed Filing the disclosures on OTCIQ Obtaining legal opinion and letter for the validity of the disclosures Q1 2022 disclosure prepared and filed April 2022 In progress Fully executed plan of exchange for the preference shares and the common stock Commencing a corporate action with FINRA for the stock split and name change Transfer Agent approvals The massive progress made during 2021 and Q1 2022 maintains the expectation of NFTM going live in October 2022 with a $100m Market Cap. Our advisers believe this could be significantly more as the NFT space is exploding. Operations Operationally we have agreed to expand the projects offering to include third party services for design, marketing, coding/dev and project consulting. Phase 1 of these additions have now commenced and have a sprint time frame of 3 months. This will allow The NFT Marketplace to be a true 'One Stop Shop' for anything NFT related. We have commenced discussions with several concierge service providers in London, Manchester and Marbella to design, produce and market their own NFT collections. This will provide significant PR for us. Our next collection of NFT's is currently being planned and we expect to announce the project next month with a launch party at the end of Oct in either Miami or Las Vegas. Next update July 2022. Thank you for your contimued support. The NFT Marketplace Ltd

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Q2 Update

We have now completed Q2 pre listing (October 2022). The final items have now been returned via the company Lawyers(see below). Q3 will now see a 'quiet period' with some 6 to 12 weeks whilst we wait on regulatory checking by FINRA. I reviewed the Annual Report (Nov 2021) and Quarterly report (Feb 2022) and the changes below should be made. Also, we will need to post Q2 (May 2022) disclosure in order to bring BABL current with OTC. For Annual Report (November 30, 2021)- section 3-Issuance History Table- Under Exemption or registration type, I entered 4(a)(2). Attached is the updated Annual disclosure for BABL. Now Submitted. For Q1 2022 (February 2022)- Please change the exemption or registration type to 4(a)(2), update the dates on page 9, and for the stockholder’s equity section in the balance sheet, please change the date to issued as of 2/28/2022. Also, for the statement of stockholder’s table, OTC likes to see reporting going back 2 fiscal years. So going forward it would be good if you could add balance as of 11/30/2020 as well. Now Submitted. Q2 2022 (May 2022)- We will need to upload Q2 2022 OTC disclosure and financials in order to bring BABL current. Same thing as previous reports. List 4(a)(2) for the exemption type in the table and for the stockholder’s equity section in the balance sheet list the date issued as of 5/31/2022. Now Submitted. Ben Quick CEO

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Q3 Update

Operations During Q3 further Beta testing was required with the platform rolled out to 100 post graduates to test and feedback. This feedback/data is now being reviewed. The additions and amendments required are now being coded during Oct/Nov 2022. Target launch date Dec 2022. Brand relationships have now been agreed. This will endure the marketing's costs month 1-3 are controlled as the platform increases its customer base. Market The process has entered its 'quiet period' as the regulator permits its checks on the companies application. The shell is now live on the pinks. Many thanks for your support. Ben Quick CEO The NFT Marketplace Ltd

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Q4 Mid Update

I hope you are well. We are now over halfway through Q4 and I felt it appropriate to update you on things as we approach listing on the NASDAQ OTC as 'NFTM' I am delighted to announce the appointment of BAF as our beta developers/testers and future coders for The NFT Marketplace Ltd. BAF have worked on Blockchain projects for large PLC's namely Shell, Macdonalds and Tai Lopez's Radio Shack. This commercial relationship will ensure The NFT Marketplace is able to speed up its 2023 revenue opportunities as we roll out our software to 3rd parties during Q1 2023 with the security that all beta versions have been fully tested. We will shortly be closing this Investment Opportunity with a target 5x Capital uplift the target for initial Shareholders. Initial shares are £10,000 each with a maximum 10 shares available per investor. Please feel free to reply to this email for further information. Many thanks Ben Quick CEO and Director The NFT Marketplace Ltd

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  • Mission statement

To build the first all inclusive turn key NFT Platform for buyers and sellers which provides clients the opportunity to generate significant revenue whilst delivering real benefits for their customers.

  • Company information

Company name:  The NFT Marketplace Limited Company number:  13612921

Lawyers:  Aticus Law Solicitors, Queens Chambers, 5 John Dalton Street, Manchester, M2 6ET

Accountants:  Carl Ford Accountancy Limited, 8 Bridge Street, Tamworth, B78 1DT

Bankers:  Virgin Bank, Jubilee House, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 3PL

Advisers:  Taylor Black Wealth Limited, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

  • Market Challenges

Finding businesses/companies/people that know this market

Having to go to multiple places to find NFT specialists 

Knowing the credibility of businesses and if they are capable of delivering

Wasting money on marketing and influencers 

Funding the launch (capital raising) 

Knowing which platforms produce ROI's and how to reach your audiences to achieve ROI's

Maintaining knowledge and keeping up to date with the ever evolving industry 

High gas fees across multiple blockchains 

  • Platform Features/Benefits/Solutions

Bringing all the requited NFT services into one place

Credibility check of businesses with ratings based on previous experience 

A platform to pitch and raise money peer to peer

Experienced marketing and influencer agencies to give a step by step plan for a real achievable ROI

Expert consultants to give end to end advice on a roadmap and utility

Experienced Devs/Coders to ensure full functionality and delivery

  • Financial 

A seed round of funding is underway with a target raise of £2,000,000 which is being deployed into i. Public listing of NFTM stock £500,000  ii.  Beta stage platform development £750,000  iii.  Marketing to align with significant hospitality brands £250,000 iv. NFTM token launch  £250,000 v.  PR marketing post list £250,000.

Target date for raise September/October 2022 Target date for Public list Q3/Q4 2022 

Target date for Beta launch Oct/Nov 2022

These dates are subject to a regulatory process and are approximate.  All investors/Shareholders will recieve regular updates.  

Target market cap on list $100m

  • Summary

Operation:  The NFT Marketplace Limited will provide operationally a 'one stop shop' for NFT's which will generate multiple streams of revenue throughout its platform.  Each on figure 1 below can generate income from buyers and sellers.  

Market:  The NFT Marketplace Limited will provide real shareholder value once listed through its expected capital growth.   This sector has already shown huge valuations and investor appetite.